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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Zealand - Day 16

The day before, we kept mentioning about nasi lemak and nasi kandar and tekak mengidamnye nk makan.. so the thought of going home to eat was somewhat exciting for me hahaha like I said, we decided to take fiq’s flight timing as our flight time so we left around 8 am if I’m not mistaken.. we had one pit stop which was the rose garden.. finally!! A garden with flowers heheheh tercapai la gak impian mama nk tgk bunga even though not as much as she wanted.. went to the park and took some pictures..

then headed to the airport.. drop the rental car off and checked in.. the flight back took about 11 hours.. by then I learnt that the book I brought with me was boring so I was glad to watch the movies they had on board.. managed to catch a few including the amazing Catching Fire!!! My fave book of the trilogy and so far the better one between the two.. sucks though to know that Katnis ends up with Peta booho..

and thus that concludes my whole trip.. initially I thought of having short simple post filled with pictures, but then I can’t stop recalling our time there and feel like jotting it all down.. budget wise, wasn’t really 100% prepared for the trip but thankfully I just had my bonus, so all my bonus went to there.. without it, hutang keliling pinggang je la, and we all know I don’t like that.. so while we’re recovering financially, we’re also saving for our next trip weeee next year cuti cuti Malaysia je.. the plan is to go to Johor.. sedapnye sotong kangkung and tauhu bakar ah yong.. so our next international vacation is somewhere in Europe.. mama wants to go to Austria or any Scandinavian country.. and we're thinking of spring cuz both Australia and New Zealand was in autumn but we’ll see how it goes.. who knows by then I’ll have a niece or nephew, so should they come along? Hahahaha jahat2 =b  but euro is like 4.2 now compared to 2.8 nzd so have to save twice as more for 2 years..Insya Allah kalau murah rezeki..

now that u have 16 post blasted in ur face, I may take my sabbatical leave again.. mode malas je nk update.. i thought i was done with NZ but actually i've got hotels / motels to review.. but those will be super simple i guess.. sian izad, her job was to get pics of each motel we stayed in before everyone settles down (based on my instruction cuz i planned this ahead), so the least i could do is to use all those pics.. so anyway, in case I don’t check in anytime soon, see u when I see u.. bye!!