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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Zealand - Day 15

That morning, we had sausages for breakfast.. Managed to spot a halal butcher yesterday, but lg sedap hot dog Firdaus Halal Meat, rugi xdpt stock byk2.. So our objective for the day is souvenirs shopping.. like I said, our family isn’t really the type to go on vacation to shop except for souvenirs.. and beli pon for our extended family and close friends and a bit for ourselves.. I got some t shirts for my besties and alang’s family.. for usu I got her a kiwi doll that had the haka chant once u pressed the tummy.. I saw that and thought she’d like something like that.. this time around I didn’t get something for angah but mama got her a bracelet and a tote bag.. we walked around town, hoping to see someone free jump from the tower, but instead we saw a couple riding the reverse bungee.. yaya and izad rode this once when we were in Singapore.. can still remember the whole clan (as in cousins) sleeping on the bus and Mohsin suddenly asked us all to get off.. dorg mmg gler, don’t know how dorg brani naik..



We went to the harbour and took some pics.. we even stopped and got some churos, yaya got the normal size for sharing and mama got the big volcanic one (I think we forgot to take a pic of it though) I dah aim nak blanja ice cream, the big cone one, so naturally when I saw a store name gelato, I called izad.. but mama had another thought in mind, she said gelato is gelatine and thus, we can’t eat it.. but I knew I read somewhere and it doesn’t translate to that..  but who am I to argue with mama especially with no internet to Google… jadi hancurla harapan nk mkn ice cream kat sane.. and it turns out, gelato is just frozen in latin huhuhuh when we first started to walk in town, we spotted this one place that sold fried chicken so sumer dh aim nk mkn tu.. so we thought of buying the chicken and eating it at the hotel..

churos!!! not Aunty Anne's pretzel hehehe jgn jelous k Hani =b

So bought the chicken and went back to the hotel to eat.. not really KFC standard but sedap la gak.. the skin was crispy but mcm overcooked sket.. izad wanted to buy chocolates to bring back to Malaysia (cuz sini xde chocolate hahaha) papa wanted to buy some rose apples to bring back to Malaysia (cuz sini xde apple kan hahaha) ok kidding2.. so the 4 of them (papa, yaya, izad n fiq) went out, while mama n I decided to stay in.. the hotel had a bath tub, and I just bought a bubble cream so chill in the tub for awhile... then I just continue watching tv.. that night dinner sendiri2 gak cuz we were mostly full from the lunch we had..

Sometime along the way, we were looking at our flight details.. luckily fiq bought his separately cuz his timing and ours were different.. his was at 1:15pm while ours was at 2:15pm.. we decided to base on fiq’s ticket cuz better early than missing our flight right? And good thing too cuz that was our time.. xtau la cmner tix from matta fair tu wrong timing huhuhu so went to bed early that night and was dreading (and a little excited) to be heading home..