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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Zealand - Day 12

Sedihnye vacation dh nak over, even though there were stressful moments here and there.. we got up early that morning and drove to Picton.. oklah maybe the next trip I’ll think of each step written in the itinerary.. it was a 5 hours drive from Greymouth to Picton.. we made sure we used to map to navigate to avoid that winding road the GPS took us.. we did minimum stop for pictures.. we reached the terminal and knew the drill.. while the rest went to check in the bags and get the tickets, papa and I return the rental car.. we ate a bit and plan on getting a different spot to chill.. the previous time, we were at the right side of the ferry, this time, we were aiming for the front of the ferry.. and when the gates open, cepat2 cari port (tp gaya sopan la, xdela terlari2 macam budak2 hahaha)

on the road again.. just can't wait to get on the road again.. NOT!!!

always with a coffee in hand..  

our ‘motto’ dah tgk view the last time so now we can sleep hehehe sian pil seasick tinggal sket then habis, can u guess sape yg mabuk? Hehehe but the waves were hard that time around.. we could feel the ferry moving and had butterflies in our stomach.. yaya and I decided to go out the deck.. we did hear an announcement but didn’t really catch what was said except “on the left side of the ferry”.. when we went out (we took the right door), the deck was empty.. owh well, yaya and I just sat there freezing our butts to death.. then suddenly we heard a familiar voice “korg xtgk dolphin ke?” hahaha apparently the announcement said there were dolphins on the left side of the ferry, and when we got there, there was no more.. maybe just a glimpse like we saw at Milford Sound.. izad kata semangat die naik nk join kitorg tgk, skali tgk kitorg on the wrong side plak hehehe

didn't take much pic this time around.. mostly tried to catch up on our sleep and prepping for another long drive.. reached Wellington at about 5:30pm.. looking at the itinerary, was a bit bummed that we didn’t have time to go to Weta Cave again.. but I guess next time la k hehehe so next we drove to Palmerston North.. but first, pit stop for grocery shopping.. cuz we had to switch car and take all our luggage with us when we’re on the ferry, we try to make sure we finish most of the perishable food so that we’d have lesser things to carry.. so went to Countdown near the place we stayed previously.. got what we wanted and head to Palmerston North Motel.. another motel where the pictures looks better than it was.. the beddings was a bit odd, so I chose to sleep outside instead of in the room.. it was about 8pm plus by the time we got there so since we’re all tired, dinner cari sendiri.. mama made egg sandwich for herself, I don’t quite remember what I had.. probably cereal, probably nothing..