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Friday, March 04, 2011

Sweet Escape

so mama's away for Umrah, we sent her to the airport yesterday... i went to selayang to stay with opah, cuz it turns out that usu is working and she'll only be with opah at night.. so thankfully, i carried on with my day off.. just wondering bout how next week will go since yaya is taking thursday n friday off.. gonna ask usu tomorrow whether she can take the day off, otherwise i'll try to slot in one day... 

been talking to my sisters about a vacation for the family.. as u may noe, my sisters and i will be going to Bandung in June, n prevoiusly we planned for a Singapore trip somewhere in May (another USS trip)... then my lil sis will be going to Australia with her friends (see how easy it is for her to go away, unlike me.. talking about favourites... ppfffttt) anyway, we were brainstorming of places to go where we could just relax, n maybe not much sight seeing or other activities.. i remember when we went to Melacca, n we ended up staying in the hotel more... so basically yaya suggested Gold Coast Sepang and it sounds superb (minus the price of it) just look at all the pictures, how could u not fall in love with this?

this place is to die for..the rate however is a bit over the top for us, ranging about rm500++ per night (i think it's per night)...  but just look at all those pictures above (all googled of course) don't u wanna wake up to that?? yeahh i noe everyone does.. well, it's just something to think about.. will definitely figure something out, even if we decided not to choose GCS... we'll see.. i really2 think we do need this long due vacation... the last one we plan for the family didn't really work out as my grandma (tok) was admitted to the hospital n we had to cancel our trip (we were planning to go to Tioman at dat time) so yeah, i really wish we could hang out, just us.. we'll see... looking forward to this...

getting sleepy.. need to wake up early tomorrow... gonna hang out with opah again =D praying that both mama n angah are well and will come home safely... goodnight everyone and have a good weekend aight.. toodles..