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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


so, after days of ignorance to this blog, i was tempted to write something smart, something profound.. but as my intellectual being always disappoint me, this moment makes no difference.. and so, i'll be writing what i could, which is my weekend.. Saturday started out with me being awaken by a voice asking me where the external hard disc was.. lil sis went for breakfast while we stayed at home.. played Sims a bit, watched half of 127 hours, drove thru McD, then got ready for Maulid.. there, we met Baby Ibrahim..

finished the remaining 127 hours, which was excruciating.. aarrggghh to see my beloved James Franco break his own arm and cutting his skin to amputate himself was a torture indeed.. bought Titti Frutti for lil sis n mum along with some dinner..

next day, woke up to the sound of a door knock, which kinda shocked us especially when it's my dad knocking (actually, he's the only one who knocks).. went for breakfast at Kota Damansara with him, my mum had class but she already bought breakfast, which they made it as lunch later on.. on the way back, we went to the Curve n papa shop for shirts n a CD hehehehe initially he was planning to buy new jogging shoes but couldn't find one that he liked.. so reached home around 12, then sempat rest about 5 mins when Ady called.. got ready n left the house to pick him up at the station, then we drove to Sunway.. pening nyer parking area situ, dh lame gler xpegi... went to the bowling are (sob sob) and met up with hani and baby Saif...

turns out, xjd bowling cuz there was some kinda miscommunication with our booking.. so we went for lunch instead @ Laksa Shack.. ermmm nk review ker? xyah la kn heheheh then Hani went back n the rest of us were clueless at what to do since it was 3pm n our movie was at 5:30pm... to make things short, we split up (wahida walked with her husband) the rest went to the arcade for like 10 minutes.. then we chilled @ Chocolate where we had this chocolate fondue...

looks yummy, taste yummy too... watched ppl fell down ice-skating a bit, then went for the movies.. n i must say, The Mechanics rox.. i'll give it 8/10.. the shooting scenes were awesome, there was no 'romance' in the movie where the guy saves the girl bla bla bla so that's a total thumbs up, Ben Foster was in it (i miss him in Flash Forward as Tucker).. although the storyline is predictable, the way it was played out wasn't.. so if u have nothing to do, deffintely a movie to watch..

went back home, chill for awhile, then went to buy dinner with my sis.. we bought Subway n had more Tutti Frutti...yup, that's where my money always go... to food  =D  can u say big tummy thigh??

anyway, mum's going off for Umrah with angah tomorrow, so i'll be taking the day off.. long weekend for me cuz i thought opah will be alone, thus i took leave to stay with her.. but then mama said usu will be staying with her so it's all good... need to clear 5 days by March anyway.. gonna catch up on some Gossip Girl, but can't play sims  =( might just visit opah n do some chores n cook... i miss cooking  =b work has been boring.. sometimes i don't get how other ppl's brain operate.. i'm among the young ones here, n i'm not sure is it cuz i'm naive or clueless, but the things some of these ppl come up with are ridiculous.. 4 weeks to go (make that 3 weeks cuz things needs to be done by 24th), n yet u don't see the urgency to get things done at once? u give ppl ur word, and yet u expect others to do execute it for u? then there's those ppl where they don't think before they speak.. they don't make sense at all, and u're left wondering seriously dude? u r that dumb?

fine, lets not talk about work... haishh will just end this on a note.. Prayers n hope for those in the Middle East n Africa.. n also those in New Zealand.. wish my mum n angah will have a good time abroad n come home safely... hugs n kisses  =D