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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Reviews

I think i should do this more often.. cuz apparently if you google "Marrakesh Restaurant at Bukit Bintang" or "nasi lemak marvellous bukit indah", my blog would be the first link (as well as "maybank annual dinner pics").. hehehe so maybe if i review more food or restaurants, that might get ppl to this blog... but in order to review food, i will need to go and eat first.. n that'll mean two things, 1) gain more fat, and 2) spend more money... so will it be worth it? hahaha have i ever care about that whenever i eat? as what Mercedes from Glee would say, Hell-to-the-No!  =b  so yeah, this could be something to consider.. not that i'll do this for blog hits (owh yeah?), but it's something i tend to do every now and then right?

so the next review will be at the Legend Water Chalet, PD.. I went there with my mum and sisters for a late lunch.. over kn, padahal nk cari ABC jer, cmner blh ter-end up kt hotel pon xtau la hehehe next stop might be Las Vacas tu, but we'll see how.. if there's any suggestions on places to eat, lemme noe (who am i talking to la?) in the meantime, lets listen to Mika's Big Girls You Are Beautiful (motif?)