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Monday, March 21, 2011

Looking Back

A walk along the beach with waves splashing on my feet,
My body shivers with every sound of my heartbeat,
Sweating palms while I'm licking my lips,
Teary eyes and wobbling hips.

A walk along the beach to cool my nerves,
And I think about what I took that was initially hers,
He was charming and good looking, with the nice smell of his cologne,
I started to feel nervous, just thinking we were alone.

He smiled at me and I thought my heart melts,
This is such a weird feeling, one that I have never felt,
Butterflies in my stomach as he looked me in the eyes,
I almost stutter when I said a simple "Hi".

A walk along the beach and I had time to reflect,
On the woman I've become from every little aspect,
She came to me begging, to not take what's rightfully wasn't mine,
But I fell too far deep to give him up, I've already crossed the line.

A walk along the beach, and I'm walking down the aisle,
In a white dress made for me, with a big wide smile,
He said his vows, one that was once said to her,
I tilt my head down, my face getting redder.

A walk along the beach, with my new handsome man,
I replay that one moment again and again,
Reminiscing my life and what I went through,
From that day I ran down the aisle, without saying "I do".