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Thursday, March 24, 2011

SPM Results

hey kids, do not fret when ur results isn't how u expected it to be.. or better yet, do not worry if it's not how other ppl expected it to be.. with age comes wisdom, and after living for a full 24 years, i have yet to acheive that wisdom.. just be gratefull with whatever results u have, cuz believe me, 5 years down the road, it'll seem like UPSR to u  =b  just remember that high school results doesn't really define how ur life would be like.. one cousin of mine got 10 A's, the other had none but passed all subjects.. and just by seeing that, do u think the 1st one would be successfull than the latter? fortunately, that's not how the world works..

so kids, enjoy ur free time slacking at home, God knows how much u'll miss those time, especially when u're 25 and started working.. for those who've already continued their study, just concentrate with what u have in hand.. u've got another exam to look forward to anyway hehehe well the point is, there are other things in life that will matter more than whut results u get for high school...  if u're not gifted academically, find something else that u're good at, and be proud of that.. embrace that, and own it..

heads up kids, this ain't the end of it... regardless at how cliche' as it might sound, this is just the beginning of ur life =D