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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Different Kinda Crazy

this usually ain't me.. yesterday i had a craving for Durian.. (say whut??) yeah i noe, i'm not really in to it.. i only eat it once in a while when i feel like it... on Sunday, after getting back from PD, suddenly i can't keep durian out of my mind.. mama did also mention about this so i figured we could by some when we were at Giant.. we ate some that night and i ate some again last night.. n for the first time, i wanted more.. but there was none left and i had this ridiculous craving to get some prompto.. so my lil sis accompanied me to go durian hunting (it wasn't o hard).. i asked my mum if she wanted more, and surpricingly she said no, and when my dad found out that i was going out to buy more, surpricingly, he didn't object..

went out and ended up buying 2 durians and Tutti Frutti.. muahahha sempat gk nk menyelit kn... yup2, so last night puas mkn la gk, but still cannot defeat the satisfaction i had of eating Durian at Selayang once. oowwhhhh that was heaven... i dunnoe whut type of durian that was but it was super yummy... thinking about it now just makes my mouth water, n i can't wait to get me some more when i get back later...

bdw, if u could tell that i'm blabbering, it might be cuz i'm somewhat bored sitting here working... been writing some stuff lately but didn't manage to finish 'em.. i did one that i posted recently, and i rushed the ending so it wasn't how i wanted it to turn out like..and i kinda hate it when that happen.. i dun't usually have the whole picture or story in my mind, i usually just have an incident, and as i write, it tends to evolve, but i dun usually like the ending i come up with...  aahhh bosan.. will sign off here n start another post... toodles peeps...