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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

lets start the countdown

so only a few days left till i'm off to labuan Woot!! can't wait can't wait can't wait *do the victory dance* it's gonna be a short trip but definitely worth it.. next time i step foot there might be in the next coming year when Jue gets married... nevertheless, i'll fully make use of the time i'll spend there...

currently in the office, boring myself to death.. i have no idea whut to write right now (honestly i'm a bit lazy), but i dunnoe whut else to do.. i didn't even feel like writing cuz i noe without a topic, i'll just blabber non stop with no point whatsoever.. i'm soo sleepy, i think i'll go n take a nap =b


like the new layout?


ruffey said...

labuan <3 (ndak menjadi ka love tu? hehe)

love this lay out. aku blm sempat2 lagi adjust layout aku.. btw tema kita sama. loner + emo hehe.