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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let It All Out.. Not

There's so much i wanted to say,
But I'm not sure where to begin,
I guess I'll start with that one fine day,
Where things changed and was never the same again,
I was young and foolish, I had this thrill I wanted to fullfil,
But I paid for it heavily, you made sure I received the bill,
Years passed and I've come to terms of what I did,
But I guess you'll never let that day hid,
Equality was wishful thinking, but it was something i thought we had,
I was wrong to think so which made me so damned sad,
I'm tried of going through the same thing over and over,
It kinda wears me down and sometimes I feel like such a sore loser,
My life is pathetic enough, please don't make it worse,
I've grown up now, so lift up this curse,
I'm sorry if I'm a big disappointment to you,
I did my best to make you proud,
I just wanted to live my way and do what I do,
I didn't mean to put you under a cloud,
I hoped the tears you cried were only tears of joy,
Unfortunately, it isn't so, they were tears that could destroy,

Destroy a wonderfull relationship that is yet to be mend,
A relationship that although is broken, yet one that will never end,
So i'll apologise upfront and say i'm sorry, though it's hard,
But this will be the last time i put down my guard..


completed on 29.11.2010