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Friday, May 07, 2010

TBL Part 2

so currently, i'm in the process of cutting down the portion of food i eat as a mean to cut fats.. i've managed to reduce my breakfast consumption for about a week now, give and take.. so instead of taking big breakfast, i opt to only eat a few biscuits and a cup of coffee/milo...and i noe it ain't good to eat in between meal, but i'm eating cereals just to munch on so that come lunch, i wouldn't be too hungry.. i do take lunch n dinner which sumtimes, i eat rice twice, but i try to reduce the portion just to make sure that i eat enough but not too much... those who noes me might noe that i'm not really the type who really give a shit about my weight or how my body looks like.. well, mainly cuz growing up, i was skinny... n not cuz i dun eat that much, i think i eat normally, but maybe it's cuz of the gene my mum had that i inherit.. u see, once upon a time, i still fit in the outfit my mum wore when she was solemnised, n i think i was in high skool back then... so imagine how little my mum was when she was 26 (i think that's her age when she got married).. n now, a few years down the road, i couldn't really get myself to fit it anymore.. so that's how much i grow.. off course, i still wouldn't give a damn about it if it doesn't effect me in a sense that i have to get a new wardrobe.. i used to love buying jeans (although how many jeans can u really have right) so i think it's safe to say that i owe about 7 jeans once, that i could fit in all.. n now, i could only fit in 2, which one of them i barely fit... i feel like my tummy is bulging out i felt disgusted (cuz basically that's how i feel when i see really fat girls wearing tight tops) i'm not saying dat i dispise fat girls.. i never do.. it's just the way u choose to dress.. off course some may argue dat what i wear is none of ur business, well u made it my business by making me sick... ok ok i'm going way out of topic here... so yeah basically, i try to eat as much as i need to n not as much as i want to... but then again, i havn't been to labuan yet where the list of things to do consist mainly of eating... so perhaps that'll balance things out aight? hahahaha

on another note, this weekend is Mother's Day and my dad's side of the family are planning to celebrate it tomorrow at Concorde KLIA... so my mum might not join us cuz she has cls plus she sulking i think cuz whenever we asked our dad to eat outside, he's like "we need to save money' but as usual if it involves his family, he's the first one on the boat (n actually offer to pay for us).. i understand how she feels but i kinda got used to it, n well, it'll be good if she can join cuz whut's the purpose of celebrating mother's day if u're own mum would be there right... and contrary to whut happened last week, off course la i still love my mum.. we just sumtimes dun see eye to eye n i guess that's normal... at least we're still living together n are on talking terms... so my sisters n i thought of getting her a mp3 voice recorder so that she could record all her classes n re-listen to 'em.. my sister though of giving her a spa voucher but to me, i like to give things to ppl that i noe they'll need... i'm not saying that my sis idea sux.. i mean, it'll be nice for her to go n relax n all (although she ssems to be on Farmville 24/7) i think she'll do better with a voice recorder hahahha but it cost a lot, n she just made me forked out extra money to pay for my flight which i have been saving... but whutever.. lets just get pass that...

owh besides catching The Losers last Monday, we went to watch Iron Man 2 last night which was so-so... the least i could do for Mohsin...