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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My cousin is Awesome!!

lets just keep this to oursleves, but yes Mohsin is awesome hahaha he would say this hundreds of time, n i'll deny them, but really, he's a very cool guy.. he's annoyingly funny, n i tell him everything about me, (well, maybe almost everything).. whut's with this guy anyway? well, yesterday (as u may read below) was a crappy day for me.. i was crying in the office n i had no mood at all to work.. he was being himself off course, but did sumhow to calm me down.. not after my tantrum that is.. i told him whut happened n say how i dun wanna go home early n see my mum, so we decided to catch a movie along wif my sis.. as usual, i'll be checking on tix n time n since Iron Man 2 was new, all cinema was full.. so i told him, nvm we'll just cancel.. then a few mins later he suggested another movie.. so to keep this short, b4 the movie started (we watched The Losers), i asked him whut the movie was about n he said he didn't noe.. so i was like, "ape la plih citer tp xtau psl ape".. n he said, he simply picked a movie cuz sumone said she doesn't wanna go home hahaha see, didn't i told u he's awesome... yes mohsin, i appreciate whut u did.. thank you!!