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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

teenagers scare the living shit out of me

so here's the deal, ppl say that the most exciting yet troublesome phases in life is when u're a teenager.. dat's the point in life where u wanna try everything right? u become a rebel n started to break rules.. gets this thrill when u don't get caught.. n thinks the world will end if u do.. found out a few months later that it's not such a big deal after all.. and sumtimes, it is a big deal.. sumtimes the decisions u make, is fatal.. n for some, like me, those are the times where the person u fear most, would u be ur parents.. n so that might be the thing that was on Aminulrasyid..his decision to flee the cops cost him his life.. it's tragic n in these circumstances, u need that person who u can blame for everthing, otherwise, whut's the in this case, the police were condemned by mostly everyone for shooting a 15 year old boy.. off course, if u noe d rule, u're not supposed to shoot anyone who's unarmed, that's why in the movies, when a cop chases an unarmed bad guy in shooting distance, he opt to chase the guy until he got away (n i bet u were screaming, just shoot him already, will ya) so yeah, it was questioned why the cops open fire.. but lets see it from their view.. lets say for instance, instead of a 15 year old boy, the person behind the wheel was a murderer or a rapist, would the public be this sympathetic n outraged? have u watched the Dark Knight yet? if so, i'm sure u remember the scene right after harvey was admitted to the hospital where Joker was dressed as a nurse.. i can't recall the exact dialogue but basically what his point was that, kill 100 convict and the whole town cheers, kill 1 gud guy, n they all panic.. coming back to the topic, u're a cop.. someone drove pass u who off the speed limit at wee hours.. u signalled them to stop n they sped off.. so what were they supposed to think.. off course the guy must've done something wrong to refuse to stop.. n after giving chase, i'm sure they were more eager to nab this guy.. so shooting the tyres may be justified.. i mean that is one way to stop a car completely.. investigations are still undergoing, but it was said that about 20 shots were fired.. may be that was more than neccessary.. so that might be the biggest mistake the cops did.. but the one true mistake that started this all, was made by a teenager.. a normal, typical and foolish teenager..

you were out when people were having dreams, and some poor souls were blame of your mischeif - ZulMajid Krambit