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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Spring Break?

Sure we don't have spring break here in Malaysia.. but that doesn't stop me from having my short vacation with the besties.. took 3 days off last week (wed-fri) and continued till the weekend.. 

since i'm the master of procrastination, i only started packing that wednesday morning.. jue's flight was at 7:45am and should land around 10.05am.. my initial plan was to send izad to work (she starts at 9am) go fill the tank and straight away head off to the airport.. but in between packing and washing the dishes (terlebih rajin?), I didn’t get ready in time so sent Izad and went back home.. finished packing and was ready to head out, when mama asked to buy some breakfast for her.. no problem, singgah Mobil and got her some food.. by the time I left the house, it was almost 9:30am huhuhuh drove to the airport, just in time.. jue came with nani and piki (patut bawak baby skali huhuhu)

1st stop was Melaka..after exit simpang ampat, kin gave the directions to her house.. luckily xde belit2 sgt.. took us about 1 and a half hour to reach there from the airport, almost 12pm.. went to eat lunch around that area then went to her house.. got to see those little cute kittens.. but oren berbunyi bler nak maen ngn dorg huhuhu rest2 tgk tv..then br nak gerak gi johor.. before that, sempat gak cari tpt laksa tp tutup la plak.. sian ibu ngandung dr labuan, dr dlu ngidam xdpt2 hehehe last2 stop tpt cendol jap.. tp... hmm... cendol die... hmmm.. letak ice ketul? ade yek cendol cmtu? mkn ngn 'rojak' tauhu, tempe, pisang (all goreng) and mcm fish cake.. ok lah gak..

i think it was almost 4pm when we really left for JB.. long drive to JB, reached there about 6pm.. isi minyak then singgah this place for dinner.. in the meantime, kin n nani went to pick up wan from utm.. makan2 then made our way to New York Hotel.. got there, collected our USS tickets from bff baru jue, si biha tu, then checked in.. tired? Tido…

We had to reach Tune Hotel the next morning at 7:30 am (awal gler).. got ready, drove there, xsempat breakfast ape pon, and boarded the bus.. we were basically the last one to board the bus.. dlm bus plak, haihhh ade la gak ‘entertainment’.. mak cik pinky ni bising xhabis2..blh plak die ckp kuat n nonstop dlm bus tu.. kepoh la gak die nk handle org2 die.. this time around going through immigration was faster than my first trip to USS.. (read about it here, here, and here?)  kin and I jalan laju la gak the 1st time tu, blk2 tgk we were the 1st one on the bus hehehehe anyway, reached USS around 9:30am (give and take).. gates open at 10am so we had time to take pics jap.. queued for the entrance and wala, we’re in.. first stop? The Hollywood street.. the last time I was there, xsempat nk masuk Steven Spielberg’s Light, Camera, Action show.. ingat Mohsin citer je yg Khaizurran semangat tepuk tgk after steven cakap padahal blom start lg heheheh

next we went to the Transformer 4D ride.. haihh beratur 50 mins hokeyyy dah la lame, blh plak ade minah 2 ekor ni berdiri dekat2 nk line up.. my hands were on my hips and they were literally ‘touching’ my arm.. Have u not hear of personal space before?? Dh la kt immigration pon dpt gak makcik berdiri dekat2 time beratur hishhh xphm btol la... dh xtahan tu, I lari ke depan sket.. nani being the ‘hero’ stopped them from getting closer hahaha ok citer kt sini susah, u really have to be there, but mmg lawak gler la.. blh plak smp nani terpijak kaki dorg tu.. 1st time, senyap je? 2nd? Amma!!!! Hahahaha padan muke, next time, don’t stand so close k =b  transformers ride was the best.. last time gi, xde lg ride2 tu..

next, wan, nani n piki naik the huge roller-coaster tu.. me? Kate penakot.. the other 2? Ibu mengandung, xblh naik ride heheheh rsnye izad n yaya berani la we waited for them at the cafĂ© (air cond yeayy) that’s done, jalan2 and gi kat Lost World.. the boys went on the rapid.. xnk baju basah, sanggup bli raincoat hehehe they mentioned queue was 45mins, so we just waited for them while watching about a gazillion people taking picture with their heads in t-rex mouth hehehe ade sorg je pompuan yg tertonggek konon kene makan.. another kid plak, patahkan gigi t-rex tu.. makcik2 pon ade gak amek pic, gasak korg la kan.. just walked through section ala2 Egypt tu, dorg xnaik ride pon.. walked to the Far Far Away Land a.k.a Shrek.. then gi Madagascar, sempat nmpk I like to move it move it sket, then had lunch.. same set mcm last time gak..after lunch, naek boat ride cm budak2.. then sempat patah balik kt shrek and naik roller coaster and 4D ride tu.. blh plak kerusi rosak kn.. org laen gerak2 naik kuda, tibe2 kitorg static? Hikmah disebalik kejadian, the jerking was a bit too hard for expecting mothers..

at 4:30pm, there was a stunt show at Waterworld so we queued there (ramai gler org).. sian kin penat so she waited outside.. show ni sebijik mcm last time gak.. xkesah la kan.. before the show starts, the stunt actors splashed water to some of the audience.. xingat part mane yg lawak sgt, nani bleh gelak giler2 sampai berdiri hahahah adehh.. terus2 “I don’t know that guy”  =b the show was fun, got sprayed a bit huhuh walked out and cari kin.. since we didn’t want to go on any other rides, we decided to walk out and go to the Malaysian food street.. they ate a bit and while kin and I makan laksa, the rest went to hard rock jalan2 jap.. it was almost 7:30pm.. time to go back so we went down to the bus..

besides pinky, ade plak another family kepoh sket.. nk naek bus pon terlari2 nk potong org? haihhh the ride back was a little more quiter (although pinky still berbunyi).. xtahan kat immigration tu, line pjg sgt.. ok lah.. pastu they suddenly opened another counter, gengn pinky ni blh terlari2 nk gi sane smp tertolak kite.. perlu ke? Haa last2 kitorg menang lepas dlu gak.. hamek ko.. bukannye bus tu tinggalkn pon yg nk terkejar2 cepat tu.. xpaham ar some people ni.. maybe sbb die org johor kot? Hahahah dlm bus dah rasa lapar sket.. smp johor je, drove off to ayong mkn sotong kangkung n tauhu bakar.. yum2.. order kuey teow tp smp lmbt n xde selera nk mkn sgt dh..

done eating, singgah plak kt city center ade mcm pasar malam kt situ (xingat name tpt tu)..nani nk cari kasut.. hmmm dh mmg nasib org Labuan kot, smp sane baru jln dalam 5 mins, skali blh plak blackout huhuhu so we walked in the darkness, tgk2 barang sket..dh nk balik tu baru the lights came back on.. by that time dah penat la gak and started to get sleepy..when everything was settled, we drove back to the hotel..tired.. mandi then tido… 

malas nk post pics blh? xde amek byk pon..


This post seems too long.. will continue bout the rest of our break in the next post k.. till next time, bye…