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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Example to Choose Happiness

Staying positive sometimes ain't that easy as it seems.. it does require a lot of hard work and patience.. i do consider myself a patient person (most of the time anyway).. i try not to get super mad at people and when i do, i try to cool off as soon as i can.. but sometimes i just can't help it.. taking the high way (btol ke term tu?) or as Shay would say, choosing happiness is done mostly in the head.. i can talk myself out of being mad or upset in my head, but i will still feel the anger or hate.. if u look at my face, muke still bengang la, kerut2, and nafas kluar asap? huhuhuh 

so where am i getting at this? i got this from my sister yesterday, while on the way back from work..

haihh br je semlm citer bout my num plate, so imagine the horror when i found out someone scratched my car and did nothing about it.. dlm hati dh start maki hamun huhuhuh and when i reached the station and saw my car, lagi bengang k.. it was too obvious to be a subtle scratch.. mmg sial la mamat yg buat tu.. lesen beli ke ape xreti drive tukar lane  *cries* i try not to dwell on it especially when it comes to material things, but i'm just disappointed with the attitude of some ppl who are ignorant and stupid enough to do something like this without feeling a bit remorse (or show it).. dh scratch my car pon scratch la, i don't expect u to pay pon.. but at least have the courtesy to get out of ur stupid car and apologies.. admit ur mistake.. aku bukan nk sgt duit ko pon babi..  huhuuh harsh but nk lepaskan geram =(  anyway, this is what the jerk did to my car...

i keep telling myself, it's just a car.. don't make a big deal out of it huhuhuh and so i'll just try.. will need to fix it up tho.. i can't even bare to even look at it (over k hehehehe) exactly 5 months to date i'll fully pay off my car loan and be debt free...

*** This too shall pass ***