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Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Break - Part 2

Ok continuing from the previous post..


So that morning, woke up early (even though the night before dah warning jue, sruh off kan alarm die).. ok I admit, sy mmg bias.. tido hatten ke ape, semangat je bgn nk turun gi breakfast.. tp stay kt New York, sanggup lapar jap toss and turn on the bed.. sian ibu ngandung, patut I teman her to go down and have breakfast huhuhuh wan was nice enough to buy us breakfast (tp still ade gak org complain kuih xsedap?) ate, rest jap then got ready to head out.. our plan for the day? Gi JPO to see what the hype is about.. but before that, sempat gi cari makan mee rebus tulang.. at first I thought they were referring to mee rebus stulang yg jue keeps on mentioning.. skali mee rebus smp and ade tulang 3 ketul besar dlm tu.. ‘terkejun’ k hahaha didn’t eat much, wasn’t that hungry.. lepak jap then head off to JPO.. drove there and the place was very secluded.. it looked kinda like Harbour Town kt Gold Coast tu, ala2 outdoor mall? It’s supposed to be a high-end haven where things were cheaper but since shopping isn’t really my thing, I couldn’t really compare.. we walked about, they shopped a bit, we had ice cream (31% off for baskin robins ok hehehe), singgah starbucks tpt wan keje, walked a bit more..

Then we decided to venture off to Melaka.. tp… haihhh bende nk jadi kan.. on the way out of the parking lot, we saw this hello kitty car.. wan br je mention something like keta tu br2 ni kne pecah.. then suddenly he got a call from the others n he sounded a bit different,, then nani dh drive in front of me n I saw piki n kin looking at the back towards my car.. first thing that came in mind? Are my car lights broken?? Please noooo huhuhuh but skali tgk my whole num plate at the front went missing.. xperasan la plak bler kn (tgh driving or time parked).. I don’t like when things like that happen.. kin dh ckp my face nmpk sedih cm nk nangis hehehehe mmg dh nk nangis dah tu, tp try tahan *sob sob* over k nk nangis sbb plate tercabut  =b  but that’s my baby, cermin depan scratch sket pon dh nangis hari tu hahaha so anyway, wan called his friend and we went to this place to get a new one..15-20 mins later, everything was settled.. deep breath, get over it, let’s move on..

Wasn’t really sure what time it was by the time we got to Melaka.. got to kin’s place and rest first.. ptt plan nk gi jonker but hujan lebat la plak.. we bought tickets to watch fast & furious 6 which started at around 11:50pm or so (tunggu adi hbs keje).. before movie, nk gi cari mkn dlu.. indecisive where to eat plus some were closed huhuhuh my tummy started to riot against me.. usually my tummy hurts like that when I was about to sleep and the cure for it is to just sleep it off.. but that day I can’t really sleep it off and when we got to the place to eat, it actually hurts to swallow huhuhu anyway, done eating (or so) drove to dataran pahlawan for the movie.. I’m not a keen follower of the movie but it was kinda good (minus all unrealistic parts off course)..quick question, if ur bf found out that his ex-gf could still be alive (after thinking she was dead all these while) will u let him go and look for her? Off course it does form some sort of closure, but where do u stand when it turns out that she is still alive (as the case in the movie) do u expect him to find out the truth and be like “ok that’s it, we can move on now”.. or will u really just back out and let them be together? Hhmmm

Anyway, movie done, drove back home and sleep.. another day down, another one more to go..


Our last day together (well, technically).. the most peaceful vacation yg xde alarm jue weehoo.. erkk tp ade plak alarm nani oppa gangnam style ten ten ten (bunyi cm ade emergency).. sempat tgk Blue Valentine jap.. plan for today, jalan2 melaka.. lalu the infamous kuih keria haji jalil limbongan tp xbukak lagi.. melepas la jue nk mkn laksa heheheh drove off to the town and stop kt kedai that was closed yesterday.. makan asam pedas.. asam pedas paling sedap la kate nani.. but to me, off course mama nye lg sedap hehehe  =b  done eating, went to dataran pahlawan again..park kat hatten (still one of my fave hotels).. ermm nk roller blade ke? Hehehehe (nape la kite xnmpk incident pusing tiang tu?) piki wanted to try it out, so die gi main sorg.. the rest just jalan2 around there.. nani went and checked out some leather store and end up buying a bag.. then they went to Gulati’s cari kain utk baju raya (jauhnye mencari kan).. bwk piki mkn tutti frutti, tp flavor xbest sgt..

Then walked to errr some other mall (ok xingat name).. nk gi cari dumbbell utk piki n swimming cap utk baby.. walked there, singgah Popular jap.. good thing they had limited choices, helped to refrain myself from buying anything.. found piki’s dumbbell, 10kg each fuyyooo hehehe xbli swimming cap baby, cuz xbyk choice.. wasn’t sure what time it was, but decided to go to Jonker sbb the day before xsempat.. biggest mistake? Giving up the parking kt hatten and drove to jonker.. Saturday at Melaka, what do we expect.. mmg traffic gler (tu baru namenye jam k jue) and each parking lot we wanted to go to was full.. I hate traffic (who doesn’t right) and we were stuck there for a good 1 hour plus.. i started to get cranky.. driving, especially in that condition, really test my patience.. throw anything at me and most probably i can handle it.. throw me in a traffic jam plus with drivers same2 bengong, and i lose my temper huhuhu sian gak ade sorg tu kne tgk that side of me.. masalahnye 1 hour pusing2 kat situ gak huhuhuh finally gave up n decided to go back.. haihh blh plak tersalah jalan… seb baik it was a dead end and we just have to do a u turn..

Our dinner plan for that night involves pasar malam =) kuih keria and coconut shake dah tutup huhuh sian wan xdpt rase.. next time je la.. smp kt pasar malam, met up with the rest, bought some stuff then lepak kt keta kin jap while nani n piki jalan2 sane.. sian kat Labuan xde pasar malam kan hehehe harapkn bazaar ramadhan setahun sebulan tu je la.. dorg nk mkn sup gearbox tp tpt dlu tu tutup la plak (dh kate nasib org Labuan this time around a bit malang sket, sumer la nk tutup hehehe) so went back, picked up adi then went to another place for sup gearbox..mkn2 then went back home..

We calculated that we had to leave the house around 6am the next morning (their flight was at 9am) so they started packing that night.. watched football a bit, smbg blue valentine and some other movie n lepak2 je.. since it was my last night there, spent time main2 ngn meow.. probably the only cat to date that I love.. not a big fan of cats but the last time I was there, she was so quiet and I like cats that are quiet (reduce the amount of ‘jumping’ time on my behalf hehehe) so after mandi that night, main2 ngn meow jap who got really fat the last time I saw her.. adi gi main ngn kittens yg cute2 tu.. dh 2am, tired and went to sleep..


The day has arrive to bid farewell to my fellow friends *cries* short vacation, xpuas lepak2 ngn dorg.. woke up at about 5am I think, got ready and said our goodbyes to kin and adi.. I just realized that I don’t exactly know the way from Melaka to klia =b  but we went out the nilai exit the last time, so I put my money there heheheh managed to get there in 1 and half hours (fist pump).. skali klia pon blh jam? Haihh dropped them off then decided to eat mcd before they board.. so they went to check in and we went to look for parking.. parked and walked to their counter.. hhmmm jue ade bff baru la plak.. bangla pon bangla la kan hahahah apparently the line was cut off and jue ‘befriended’ some bangla sbb nk cut queue dpn dorg "is this domestic?" *applause* good job jue, keep it up hahahahah dropped their bags and went to mcd.. had little time to spare, ate a bit then they boarded *sob sob* till next time.. decided to drop wan off at his house instead of the train station since I wasn’t familiar with the way there.. dropped him off then drove back home.. tired and what else? Sleep zzzzzz..

Days come and go, and before we knew it, it was all over.. got home and miss them already =(  November here we come? Hopefully things turn out as planned.. I really wanna see her baby bump hehehe ‘New Zealand’ again before the real New Zealand? I’m all for it.. so that’s it.. my trip from Kl-Melaka-Johor-Singapore-Johor-Melaka-Kl  =b heheheh till next time.. big hugs and kisses.. love u all..