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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time To Party?? Not!!

ok, citer dah basi.. but since i've been doing it 2 years in a row, i thought i'll just do a quickie, plus i had some pics..

So we had our department dinner on 5th Oct (papa's birthday).. for some reason (other than the president of the staff committee) it didn't feel exciting as the previous ones i attended.. click here for last year's dinner and here for 2009 dinner where we newbies performed.. those nights seemed more exciting and fun.. so this year's dinner was held at Furama Hotel.. i guess it's new cuz the interior seems like it.. but the surrounding area looks kinda scary to me.. maybe cuz it's known somewhat as the red light district hahahaha anyway, we got there earlier than last year, siap2 n lepak2 kt surau hotel tu dlu... went up to the ballroom (i think) where the event was held.. unfortunately our table was the front one and the speaker was near us so it wasn't really a strategic table to sit at.. plus there was a tiang in the middle of the room that blocked our view..

they played a few games, it was ok.. not too fun though... and of course, in the hype of time, they did the gangnam.. won't comment on the dancing cuz i don't know how to comment without sounding rude (ok kejam huhuh)  oklah malas nk tulis.. here's a few pics i got .. there's other pics actually but i didn't get it from my friends.. couldn't bothered by it..

I don't know why i do the peace sign in almost all pics.. mcm xde pose laen je huhuhuh  annoying plak tgk.. thanx to ashraff n huda for the pics... this year xde ady n hani so a switch in company that night.. ok sgt malas.. this week sgt best sbb selang seli cuti n keje wee hoo... bye