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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meat Point @ TTDI

This is so back dated, i can't really recall when it was.. My family decided to have a family dinner (weehoo).. there was no lunch so i guess naturally, papa was hungry.. he asked what's for dinner and suggested to eat at Jasema (mamak je? heheheh) but then as usual, once we get in the car, we were still putting out ideas where to eat.. so izad suggested to eat at Meat Point at TTDI.. the thing with us is that restaurants kt TTDI mmg xkhatam lg.. we usually just eat at the same place.. Santai and lately Homst.. so since it was a good idea, we decided to try it out.. 

Meat Point @ TTDI.. it's easy to find, just the same row with Standard Chartered..

we ordered one dish each, although initially i thought of just sharing.. here's what we had...

We ordered some mushroom soup and garlic bread for starters... the soup was nice, same goes to the bread..

Yaya and I had carbonara.. at first i didn't order anything, thought of just sharing.. but then i felt hungry, so i decided to have this instead.. taste good, not great.. 

this is a little tough.. since the meat all looks the same.. but i'm pretty sure it's the beef.. basically u choose ur meat from the freezer, then they'll gice u 2 side dishes.. choose between the saute or grilled vegie, and also between fries n mashed potatoes... the taste are normal.. they should have more vegies.. so mama n papa had the same dish...

izad had the lamb.. initially, i planned to share with her.. but upon the arrival of the food, nmpk mcm xcukup jer huhuhuh

so that's what we had.. the total damage was RM200++ (can't remember exact amoount) plus drinks la.. my honest opinion? u could get better western food at Tony Roma's, Chillis or TGIF at about almost the same price but with more side dishes.. but if u're around Taman Tun and thinking of going having some western food, u could give it a try.. it ain't bad, just that there are better places to eat  =b


drafted this post dh lamer gler.. clearing my blog and just checking on anything yet to be publish.. so be prepared for random stuff..