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Monday, November 12, 2012

2 Down, 1 More To Go

Yes, I’ve paid 2 year off of my car loan and now left with a year to go.. woot woot.. I’m so excited to call that car mine, plus be about rm800 richer each month muahahahaha my plan (as I may have mentioned before) is to do my best to pay everything off by July.. then I have the remaining of next year to enjoy / save that extra money.. then in 2014 (I’m being optimistic here) I’m going house hunting.. seeing that I’m super picky with the house I want, finding my so called ‘dream house’ might not be easy..

I want a home that’s not so far from ttdi, or kl cuz I don’t want to commute a lot for work.. even a 1 hour drive to work (without traffic) is consider super far.. if possible I want somewhere that takes me about 30mins drive without traffic.. I though of having a semi d cuz I want it to be more spacious but then that’ll cost a lot, so I could just settle with owning a terrace corner lot.. that way I have a garden, and I can go through the back door from inside my house.. I’m also a little picky about the square feet of my house.. my parent’s house in ttdi is I think 24” x 70”(or 75”, xsure).. n I see most houses are about 20” or 22” and they seem a bit small.. I don’t want my house to feel sempit so I’m thinking of a 24” house too..

And then there’s the price.. I don’t make a lot so almost all houses with the specs above cost a lot, more than I could afford.. the houses I could afford, however, are far away like maybe Nilai or something and that’s like living in another country.. xnk laa (gedik).. so now I’ll have to save up some ka-ching for my future home.. unless Prince Harry does decide to marry me, then money is not a issue  =b  ok dh hbs merapu, bye