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Friday, May 20, 2011

Lets Get Together, hey hey hey

so my sister n i attended a course yesterday and managed to get home by 6pm.. huge accomplishment for us, esp for me who has been going back late for some time.. *round of applause* later that day, Nik came over with hotdogs to meet lil sis.. thanx nik.. they were planning their budget for Austraalia n as usual, i joined in as well... sgt2 jeles sbb dorg dpt jln2 best n extra jeles when we found Cockington Green Garden.. looks so awesome n a nice place to take loads of pics.. from the website, it looks something like Culture Village that we went before when we were little.. but it still looks cool anyway.. sy plak yg excited for them =b  duh it's not like i'll ever get that chance with my (non-existance) frens so don't blame me hehehe

can't wait to have a super family vacation where we could definitely relax and have fun together.. we've said last year i think, that from 2 yrs on, we'll go to New Zealand for our family vacation... i'm not sure if we could manage that, otherwise, we'll have to shift that to 4/5 yrs.. that'll require lots of budget, n i think we'll be spending a lot on ourselves this year for Bandung n Johor (havn't decided on a hotel yet, yikes)... so for the time being, we'll look forward to that first before venturing to bigger dreams.. anyway, november is approaching soon so i'll be done with 1 year for my car payments.. will have another 2 years of torturing before i no longer have to be tight with money n could save more yeayy.. dlu sy ade tabung yippee maybank, tu sbb sy suke saving muahahah bukan kedekut  =b  right, melalut plak kn.. but it's the truth, cuz i've already got my mind set to buy a house at least after 1 or 2 years after settling for my car.. so estimately, i should start paying for a house by by 2015 or most probably by 2016... goshh i feel so old now..

anyway, with that said, i'll soo be able to save more for our desired vacation to somewhere nice and deserving for us especially my parents, for their time nurturing n enduring us as daughters hehehehe alrite, dunnoe what else to write, i'll start berangan now n google for cool places to go..