Check This Out

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


so what if i've only managed to go to the cinema only twice this year.. that's not stopping me from watching movies altogether  =b my sister n i managed to watch Brotherhood over the weekends.. awesome movie, i'll rate it 8.5/10 (extra for the hot guys in it).. definitely made it into my top 20 fave movies (along with Coach Carter, Finding Nemo, Sleepers just to name a few) although there are vulgar words here n there, but the plot is one that i like... nice ending to it either... just goes to show how fun time can end up bad sometimes...

i also like how realistic the movie is... their action could be questioned, but if u put urself in their shoes, it totally make sense.. i havn't really got the slightest idea on how these fraternity/sorority work (movies are my only education), but i guess as human beings, we do try as much as possible to try to stay away from trouble n work on solving situations at hand without getting authorities involved.. 

anyway, awesome movie, should definitely check it out.. -peace-