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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the thin line between good and bad

i wish i knew


it's been awhile since i last blabbered about pointless stuff.. truth is, i wasn't really sure how to put in words whut i was currently thinking.. on the other hand, i no longer feel like pouring my heart out in this blog.. mainly because it feels like my privacy has been invaded by trespassers.. but then they won't be trespassers if i didn't allow them rite? nevertheless, i should just ignore these mere distractions and start writing anyway.. =p

so my question for today, is what really makes a person good? is it the intentions the initially have? the actions they take? or the outcomes of it? do u judge a person religiously, or merely as a human being in general?

i've never killed anyone, so am i good? i lie almost everyday in my life, so am i bad? sometimes, the things i do made me question myself..

i've faced a couple of situation where something bad happened n i chose to let it be without really voicing my opinion or rather disagree n try to prevent it from happening.. whut does dat say about me really? ignorant, that's it..


etut said...

u knew seem we dont bother about it rite,,,