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Monday, February 16, 2009

starting the countdown

it's 8 am, and i'm already in college, excited that clses are now in session.. it's kinda weird to find myself anticipating this day, but i guess 2 months break was way too long for me.. it's good to go out and meet people again =b so here i am, in the comp lab so early in the morning.. cls will start at 10, so i'm having a 2 hrs head start on things.. will need to meet claudine later regarding my law subject which is no longer offered, so i need to ask her about emailing rowena to delete my minor, which i was looking forward to see on my certificate later on.. then i need to go to the bursary to get my money back.. too much hassle for the first day, but i guess i somewhat need it.. i went to bed around 1am last nite but was unable to sleep until 3am.. woke up at 6:30am this morning, which makes a total of 3hrs n 30mins of sleep.. i hope i won't have a nap afterwards since i'm hoping to sleep early tonight.. adjusting my sleeping hrs last week obviously didn't do the trick.. or mayb i wasn't that strict with myself.. hmm, i suppose that was it..

anyway, i'm very excited for cls to start.. it's kinda disturbing to think that nam yen and i are the only ppl from our intake left this sem.. i really do hope that we get through this sem n finally graduate.. at least there'll be familiar faces on our convocation.. so nuff said, fingers cross, n i'll be updating more soon enuff



etut said...

aku paham perasaan bileh dh beberapa minggu start kelas..oh boring nye,,,,