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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a year ago

so we're in 2009 now and a year ago, i made a few resolutions.. did i keep up with 'em? hell no.. i didn't practise playing my guitar (i think i have zero hand coordination), i didn't excercise regularly (my hoola hoop is still sitting there being abandoned), nor did i eat wisely (i spent so much money on food, i can't help it).. however, i guess i did manage to study more (i got a distinction for SM, while MRA results aren't out yet but i noe i passed), and i even made new frens (tho i dun keep in touch wif 'em regularly).. owh, n i didn't update this blog as much as i wanted too... last november looked like a good start but then it went downhill.. who can u blame, i was born lazy...

so this year, i won't be putting on any high hopes for a better person or what so ever.. i juz wanna be happy and regardless how cheesy it might sound, it's all that matters.. i wish my grandmas will live happily n healthy throughout this year.. i wish my lil sis could enjoy her course at least a bit, as i enjoy mine (cuz basically, we're stuck wif it, without it being our choice).. n lastly, world peace!! seriously, reading the news nowadays are devastating.. especially with the war on Gaza going on.. it makes us thankful for the life we live here..

so whut's in for this year... i really hope i pass my last two subjects so i could finally graduate.. the idea of delaying another year really haunts me n i dun wanna end up graduating alone without my clsmates.. after i graduate, i hope it wouldn't be that hard for me to find a job.. i'm very excited to earn my own money n spend it like fireworks (got dat from natalie).. i think that's all there is for this year, in terms of things that are for sure to happen.. other than that, who knows.. i juz hope it all goes well..

World Peace


Anonymous said...

ur first song...delaila..lalallaa..