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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

suicide note

as i looked up to the sky, i see you looking down on me,
do you think this is a joke? cuz you're laughing at my tragedy,
you took the only friend i ever had,
you left me feeling depress and sad,
you took her far far away,
and now you expect me to pray,
right now i wonder if you really do care,
cuz you gave me this pain that i cannot bare,
sometimes i wonder if you really exist,
cuz i have this temptation that i cannot resist,
i want to end this and never look back,
i want to stop this cuz it's strength that i lack,
i locked myself in my room, thinking of ways,
for calmness and peace to finally stay,
i imagine cutting my wrist and blood pouring out,
that method is messy, that's what i've heard about,
i could hang myself eight feet from the ground,
that way would be clean and i won't make a sound,
but then i've always wanted to jump of a building,
it'll be great looking down and imagine myself flying,
either way i'll be reunited with my friend again,
for this girl is broken and i can never be mend.



Anonymous said...

who do u think u r (our fav. word..)