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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i've always been captivated by writings.. i guess i started to love writing after a poem competition way back when i was in form 3, n jue n i tried to come up with our own version of '10 things i hate about u'.. after that, i started writing poems n short stories.. tho they were all ameatur attempts, it sumhow satisfies me dat i could come up with things n putting them down on paper.. however, after reading them years later or maybe months later, it doesn't seem all dat good anymore.. i read other people's writings n i'm amazed at how they write.. the words chosen are very appropriate n meaningful without trying too hard.. me on the other hand, tend to think a lot to come up with phrases so good, it doesn't even makes sense.. a blog that i'm reading at this moment has juz dat.. good writings.. where juz by reading it, u can tell that the blogger is someone intelligent n bright.. putting the fact that we went to college together aside, i never knew he had good choice of words which actually made me read all his postings.. so he writes others quotes a lot in his blogs, but besides that, the other writings n information he puts in his blog, really captivates me.. it's light reading for me, but ones that makes me think.. here's a link to his blog the middling .. i noe no1 reads this, but to those who have come across my blog, drop by his blog to see whut i really mean..

isn't it weird dat i keep talking as if sum1 actually reads this, where in reality, i've never told any1 about the existence of my blog..