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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being Me

live life the fullest,
that's whut they say,
it might sound easy,
but it's hard in so many ways.
i've been living my life,
trying to make the people around me happy,
but then i stopped n think,
"whut's in it for me?"
people sumtimes say,
"when u're happy, i'm happy too"
i guess dat doesn't work for me,
like it does for you.
they expect a lot from me,
owh why can't they juzz see?
that i juzz wanna live,
and there's not much dat i could give.
they kept telling me the same things,
over and over again,
bout the importance in life,
and whut should i do wif them.
whut's a gurl gotta do,
to keep everyone satisfy?
i kept asking myself this,
and there were times that i cry.
i wanna do the things i enjoy,
i wanna act, sing and even dance,
i wanna spread my wings and juzz soar,
would anyone out there give me the chance?
so from this moment on,
i've already made up my mind,
that i'm gonna rule my own life,
and put the past behind.
to all you peepz out there,
now u've finally see,
whut it really feels like,
being me.