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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ramblings on Good vs Evil

It's a battle i've been struggling throughout my life, just as anyone else.. Normalcy.. what do we know about being normal? Just as much as what others are willing to share.. but what about things that you keep to yourself.. how would you know that what you're experiencing is normal? I wonder, have you ever had a thought bothering you so much, an option to choose from where you know one is the right choice but it's very hard to do (isn't all right things hard anyway) but have you had battles with yourself where you question your being? Where you doubt your own capability and worthiness? Two split roads, the right will bring you inner peace and happiness.. you know it's the right road to get where you want to be but in order to go through it, you need to fly.. the left road takes you to another kind of happiness, one that you are used to.. to get through it, just walk.. the battle of thought is not which road to choose but how do i fly.. and when you can't find your way to fly, walking is so tempting.. but then there's time where you know you won't be able to fly and you don't want to walk.. so rather then going left, you chose to stay where you are.. and when you stay, those two roads won't stop staring at you and calls your name.. and at a point, you just can't take it anymore and you want it to end.. you don't want to choose.. but you can't end it cause you're too afraid to.. ending yourself hovers through your mind but you can't bring yourself to do it cause the other side is scarier to you.. so what do you do? How do you cope with it? 

Ending the year has been tough for me.. i keep feeding the wrong wolf..


My version of flying was always to jump off a high building, so should i?