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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

For The People

who would've thought that this could lead to something much more.. i guess it's well known now about the Egypt's Revolution.. Tunisia has given them the confidence to made their voices heard.. and sadly, what started out as a peaceful protest where hundreds of thousands (almost a million) Egyptians march, turned violent, no thanx to the pro-Mubarak ppl.. i knew it was bound to happen, especially with that big crowd.. it's just tragic that lives were taken for things to materialise.. i dunnoe how the goverment roll, so i'm not really sure if it's dat simple to just step down.. but really, with the chaos going on in your country, i guess it'll be wise to step down now.. i ain't no political science student, or whutever ppl study in that area, so i'm just speaking from my point of view.. but i guess with this going on, it does in a way shed some light to this issue.. no matter how much or hard u oppress the ppl, they still know their rights and do whatever it takes to get it.. they will fight hard for things to take place and never ever underestimate them...

with that said, i hope the Egyptians will get what they deserve and hopefully they will find peace and be safe.. i know that they know, what they're doing is indeed honourable.. for those foreigners living there or trapped there (especially Malaysians), i hope u get home safely.