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Monday, March 02, 2009


didn't i say dat i'll be lazying around a lot if i took only 1 subject? well, that's how it is now.. days passed and it's already the 3rd week of the semester.. i'll be picking up my text book later on so should start reading then.. the past 2 weeks i've been going to cls for a total of 4hours per week n the rest of time, i'll be either sleeping in my room, listening to music, reading story books or surfing the web.. not a very healthy n preoccupied lifestyle if u ask me..

other than that, i've been thinking bout stuff to do this year.. i've mentioned earlier on that i won't be making any new year resolution, but then i'll keep in mind to make sure that i'll do a couple of things that i think will be necessary for me which are keeping track of my spendings n to gain more general knowledge or juz random information.. kinda weird but it's juz sumthing that popped in to my head lately..

on another note, i lost my pen drive.. kinda bummed about it cuz i had my short story, another daydream in it which is not yet complete but with more content in it compare to what i've written in my book.. i miss writing so much.. havn't been 'inspired' lately, thus the lack of poetry posted here..

running out of ideas.. craving for japanesse food rite now.. thinking of going for lunch wif my sister on friday while keeping in mind to watch my spendings.. will update soon..